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Organizations and Communities

Communities and non-profit organizations hold a dear place in my heart because they embody the essence of shared purpose, collaboration, and making a genuine difference in the world. To me, they represent the spirit of 'agility' beyond business – demonstrating how unity, mutual support, and shared vision can bring about meaningful change. I find it incredibly rewarding to contribute to these communities, as it allows me to apply my agile skills and knowledge in a broader context and directly witness the positive impact. These engagements enrich my personal growth, keep me grounded, and remind me why I chose the path of agile coaching – to empower people, foster synergies, and collectively make the world a little better.

Program Director -Conference Allyship
Program Team - Launching New Voices

Women in Agile is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and collective effort to recruit, network, promote, and support the work of outstanding women in the Agile community through blogging, speaking at events, and building a network surrounded by people of all genders.


For inspired agilists who embrace personal and professional growth and want to give back to the community The Agile Changemakers Fellowship is a personal agile journey that helps humans grow professionally and personally reshaping the future of agile coaching and guiding the industry forward.
Unlike conferences, doing it alone, formal paid cohorts or those sponsored by a company we are an independent self organized fellowship of like minded people on a shared journey, who create a safe space for open sharing, honest non-biased feedback, and shared learning.


The Agile Coaching Growth Wheel is a tool for Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Leaders, and anyone who wants to get better at helping teams and organizations grow and deliver sustainable value using Agile / Lean principles and practices. This tool is also best used with another coach to help support them.


The place where the serious business of Agile gets to play! Our game collection makes practicing Agile a game. From Scrum Masters to Agile Teams, we're your one-stop playground for learning, practicing, and growing your Agile mindset and practices. Ditch the boring manuals, embrace your inner child, and let our hands-on, fun-filled games turn you into an Agile ace. Agile Toybox - Learning Agile has never been this fun!

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Conference Director

Come play with us! Come learn with us! Agile Games Online focuses on using ONLINE games to support the mindset, values, principles

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